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Natural latex is for the people who are sensitive to synthetic foams, latex provides the best alternatives. Natural latex gives comfort, a responsive surface for pressure relief and appropriate support for your spine and your shape. It is also durable, most natural latex mattresses last as long as two or three conventional mattresses, while keeping their shape and wonderful resilience.


Natural latex isn’t just for a good night sleep but it also has some health benefits. Natural latex is prescribed by orthopedic medical professionals for people needing support for back aches and pains. It provides support to prevent pains and by eliminating any pressure points. And lastly Natural latex are resistant to mildew, mold, dust mites, and bacteria.

Our Brand Story

ALB Company was formally established on September 8, 2010. It is a strong and powerful enterprise company. It has a professional team source and a good corporate culture background. It has cooperated with many brands in Europe and America. Recognized by many countries, it has obtained quality certificates issued by many countries.


It is a quality enterprise brand, foreign trade import and export commodity trading company, and has a brand zone in Kalibo, Manila, Cebu, A., Palawan and other regions. A brand area designated and supported by the state, and also a nationally recognized and simultaneously defended brand, a latex company (ALB company) recognized by the state only.

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